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Limited Government:

The role of government is not to choose winners and losers, but to provide a level  playing field that allows us the freedom to pursue our individual goals.

Fiscal Responsibility:

You work hard for what you earn, the government has a responsibility to spend your money wisely rather than ask for more of it. I believe the state should implement zero base budgeting instead of just adding to last years spending.


We cannot improve healthcare by restricting access to services. SD needs to resist the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) by whatever means possible.  There may be some good provisions that should be retained, but on balance it would be better to start over. The 50,000 new people expansion would place on Medicaid in SD would break the state budget. and require a significant increase in taxes.


Education funding needs to remain a priority for the state, but control belongs with  the local school board and parents, not the state or federal government.


I believe in the sanctity of life from conception to natural death. I have received a 100% rating from South Dakota Right to Life every year I have served.

2nd Amendment:

I believe the 2nd Amendment confers an individual right.  I have been an NRA Certified Firearms Instructor for over 20 years and have trained hundreds of youngsters in the responsible use of firearms..  I am currently certified to teach the SD Enhanced Pistol Permit course. As a lobbyist for the SD Shooting Sports Association I was instrumental in passing: Reciprocity on Concealed Pistol Permits, Protection for the Manufacturer, Distributor, or Seller of firearms from liability if the buyer misuses it, Protection of Shooting Ranges from nuisance complaints if the range predated the ownership of the person making the complaint. I received an A+ rating and enforcement from the NRA.

Open Government:

The state motto is Under God the People rule.The people’s business needs to be conducted in the light of day.

State Sovereignty:

The Federal government was created by the States to handle certain limited and enumerated  tasks that could not be effectively managed by the individual states. We need to return to the intent of our founders.